• Big Data

    Big data is creating a big buzz, but what is it and when and how can it help you make more accurate predictions and better decisions? Learn how big data can help your organization and when big data is worth the big price.

  • Social Capital

    Why are some people more successful than others? Typical answers to this question are ambition, intelligence, creativity, or charisma. When we look at the data, we find that there is another even greater predictor of individual success: a person’s social network. In this session we explore the science that shows how better networks lead individuals to higher pay, faster promotions, and better evaluations and how you can build a better network.

  • Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation

    Innovation is one of the most powerful drivers of competitive advantage, and in today’s hyper-competitive market, it’s essential to the survival of most organizations. Yesterday’s business model was built on the premise that the most innovative organizations hired the best researchers and built thick walls around their R&D units to keep their ideas from leaking to the outside world. Learn how and why the most innovative organizations today are tearing down those walls and connecting with a global network of innovators to find better problem solutions faster.

  • Going Viral

    Why do some things take-off while others don’t? In this session we uncover the fundamental equation that governs all viral contagions from H1N1 to the latest YouTube sensation. Learn how this simple equation can help guide your viral strategy.

  • Predicting the Present with Social Media

    Tapping in to buzz on Twitter and measuring search activity on Google has been shown to predict future trends including swings in housing prices, the stock market, movie revenues, and video game sales. Learn how your organization can tap into real time data from the web to get a jump on the competition.

  • The Wisdom of Crowds

    Crowd forecasts are being used to predict outcomes in politics, sports, Hollywood, and inside firms like Google and Hewlett-Packard. Surprisingly, these predictions often outperform expert forecasts and expensive polling predictions. Learn a simple mathematical formula for why and when crowds make more accurate predictions, and how to harness the wisdom of crowds in your organization.

Meeting the challenges of today’s hyper connected business environment requires a radically new view of what successful organizations look like and how successful leaders operate. As a leading expert on social networks, social media, big data, crowdsourcing, and open innovation, I am a regular keynote speaker and advisor on how organizations can embrace these changes and harness the power of social dynamics. Corporate clients that I have worked with include Everyblock, Eisai pharmaceutical, Ford Motor Company, GE Capital, Health Care Service Corporation, Perkins Coie, Plexus Institute, Prudential Capital Group, PwC, Vault Mobile Savings, Walmart, Wirtz Beverage Group, Yasa Sourcing, and Youth for Technology. For references or to book a speaking engagement, please contact me.