Did You Know?

Thanks to Brian Uzzi for sending me a copy of this thought provoking video, Did You Know?  Interestingly, the success of the Did You Know? video itself is a product of the rapidly expanding global communication that the video describes.  According to the creator’s history of the presentation, the video was originally a PowerPoint deck made for a high school faculty meeting in 2006.  Soon thereafter the video “went viral” and by June 2007 had been viewed by over 5 million people online.  The most recent version (4.0) has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube.


Some of the interesting stats from the video:

  • There are over a trillion web pages and 65,000 iPhone apps.
  • The average American teen sends 2,272 text messages a month.
  • Dell claims to have earned $3 million from Twitter posts since 2007.
  • In February 2008, Barack Obama raised $55 million dollars without attending a single campaign fundraiser.


Sources for the stats are available here.