@EconDailyCharts Network Visualization of World Economic Forum Attendees

The Economist has a chart showing a network visualization of several world economic forum attendees. It's interesting to see how connected the attendees are, but it's hard to get much else out of the visualizations. It would be a lot easier if the edges and labels showed up before you hovered over the nodes. It's really hard to pull out meaningful insights from the graphs as they are. For example, the article says, "Among the findings that the data-visualisation reveals is the degree to which Catalyst, a New York-based charity that helps women in the workplace, has links to many Davos goers," but to see this you have to hover over the nodes one by one until you find that charity, and even then you can't compare it to other nodes without hovering over all of them too.

Thanks to Ed Brenninkmeyer for sending me the link.